How to remove weed smell from backpack?

How to Remove Weed Smell from Backpack: Quick & Easy Tips!

Keeping your backpack all fresh and clean is super important for your own comfy vibes and not making things awkward around others. Whether you’re a student hustling through school, a pro adulting hard, or just out there exploring, you definitely don’t want any funky smell tagging along, especially if it’s the kind that screams “weed.”

So, here’s the deal: we’re gonna show you how to remove weed smell from your backpack and keep it on the down-low. Just follow these laid-back steps, and you’ll be able to rock your bag without any lingering odors giving you away.

7 Tips to Remove Weed Smell From Backpack

Getting rid of that weed smell from your backpack after you’ve been trekking around the city with your stash and stuff can be a bit of a challenge. But hey, no worries! I’ve got 7 super solid tips that’ll totally help you kick that smell to the curb.

  1. Air Out the Backpack: Just grab that backpack and take it outside to let it chill for a bit. Pop it up somewhere with good airflow, like on the porch or balcony, for a few hours or maybe even a whole day. That should help tone down the smell a bit.

  2. Empty the Contents: Make sure the backpack is totally empty. If there’s anything you can take out and wash, like those removable bits, just follow what the manufacturer says and give them a good clean.

  3. Activated Charcoal: Just toss some activated charcoal into the backpack. This stuff is great at soaking up smells, like that weed stench. Just let it chill in there for a day or two, and you should be good to go!

  4. Baking Soda: Baking soda is like a pro at getting rid of nasty smells. Grab a little pouch or even a sock, stuff it with baking soda, and toss it into your backpack. Just let it chill in there for a day or two, then give it a whiff to see if the smell’s gotten any better.

  5. Vinegar Solution: Grab some water and white vinegar, about the same amount of each. Get a cloth, soak it in the mix, and give the inside of the backpack a nice wipe. Vinegar works cool to get rid of any funky smells. Don’t go overboard with the wetness though, too much moisture might mess things up.

  6. Odor Neutralizing Spray: You might wanna try using a regular odor-busting spray. Just give it a shot on a tiny hidden spot on the backpack to make sure it doesn’t mess up the material, ya know?

  7. Wash the Backpack: If the care instructions for the backpack are cool with it, you could give washing it a shot. Grab some gentle detergent and go with the water temp they suggest. And hey, remember to dry the backpack real well after to avoid any moldy surprises.

Keep in mind that depending on the intensity of the weed smell, you might need to repeat some of these steps multiple times to remove weed smell from backpacks.

How to Prevent Weed Smells on a Backpack

So, if you’re trying to dodge those weed smells from sticking to your backpack, just give a little thought to avoiding that scent and making sure your backpack stays fresh. Check it out:

  1. Use Airtight Containers: Just stash your weed and all the stuff that goes with it in those airtight containers or bags made to trap smells. That way, your backpack won’t end up reeking.

  2. Double-Bagging: Just toss all your weed stuff into one baggie, seal it up tight, then pop that baggie into another one. This double-bag action should do the trick to lock in those odors.

  3. Smell-Proof Weed Containers: Check out these awesome Smell-Proof Weed Containers! They’re made to trap those dank odors and not let ’em sneak out. These bad boys use some fancy materials to stop the smells from getting loose.

  4. Avoid Overstuffing: Don’t cram everything into your backpack super tight! That could make smells jump from one thing to another. Give your stuff some breathing room and keep a little distance between them.

  5. Use Scented Dryer Sheets: Pop in some nice-smelling dryer sheets among your stuff to cover up any possible smells. Just remember, don’t let the sheets actually touch your things ’cause the smell could rub off.

  6. Regular Cleaning: Give your backpack a good clean every now and then, even if you haven’t been using it for anything weed-related. Dust, dirt, and random smells can all mix in with that weed stank over time.

  7. Air Out: After moving anything smelly, just make sure to pop your backpack in a breezy spot for a while before you stash it with your other stuff. Easy peasy!

  8. Rotate Backpacks: If you’re often toting around stuff related to weed, think about snagging a backpack just for that. That’ll help tone down the odds of the smell getting all up in your other stuff.

  9. Use Odor Neutralizers: Throw in some odor neutralizers like activated charcoal or baking soda into your backpack when you’re not slinging it around. They’ll totally suck up any leftover stinkiness.

  10. Regularly Clean Weed Accessories: Make sure you give your pipes, grinders, and other stuff a good cleaning after every use. Any leftover gunk on these things can totally add to the funky smell.

Just a heads up, removing weed smell from your backpack might not be a slam dunk, but these tips can seriously help tone down the odds of your backpack reeking.


By adding these preventive moves to your regular routine, you can really amp up the cool vibes of your backpack and feel super chill about it. Just think, these steps aren’t just about keeping you comfy, they’re also about showing some love for the space around you and the folks you’re hanging with.

Once you’ve got these tricks down, you’re good to go in zapping any weed smell from your backpack whenever you need to! So go ahead knowing that your backpack content remains discreet, fresh, and free from unwanted odors!

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