How To Remove Weed Taste From Edibles?

How To Remove Weed Taste From Edibles?

Millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of cannabis on a daily basis, most of them smoking a joint of their favorite weed, while others do it with marijuana edibles.

The problem for the latter is that marijuana edibles are usually quite expensive and it is not at all profitable to go every day to spend good money at the dispensary.

This is why many people dabble in the world of cannabis cooking and try to make their own homemade edibles. Unfortunately, they end up a bit disappointed when they feel that their edibles don’t taste as good as the ones they used to buy.

Many people simply can’t manage to not tolerate the taste and smell that marijuana leaves in their homemade edibles. In fact, 90% of the messages I usually receive from my readers and friends are usually: “Danica, how do I get rid of the horrible weed taste that dominates my edibles?”

For them, I have here some of the best ways to remove weed flavor from edibles and make some really nice treats. So leave that old box of instant brownie mix in the cupboard and get ready to create magnificent consumables that you’ll show off in front of your stoner friends!

Best Ways To Remove Weed Flavor From Edibles

Before you get started, keep in mind that you don’t need to have the best supplies to make your groceries look great. But if you want to equip yourself with the best and make your life a little easier, you can certainly do so at a relatively low price!

Now, let’s get to the tips to remove the weed taste from your edibles!

Use Weed Concentrates For Cooking

When you want to make delicious THC-infused treats and edibles, there is nothing better than marijuana concentrates. There are many on the cannabis cooking market and they all have different levels of strength and characteristics that are usually very important for creating really good edibles!

However, you can always make one to your own taste! I tend to house the THC of my edibles in butter, as it is a product that will serve me well for use in both sweet and savory recipes.

If you also want to do the same, you have to be careful not to neglect the decarboxylation of your weed. I know it’s a process that usually takes a while, however, decarboxylating your weed guarantees you top-quality edibles!

It Is Never Too Much Chocolate

Those edibles that have chocolate in them are undoubtedly the best ones to venture into the world of cannabic cooking and this is because chocolate has a strong enough flavor to mask the marijuana taste of your edibles.

I would definitely recommend starting with double chocolate chip cookies as their dough usually has cocoa powder and enough strong flavors to make you believe (at least until you feel high) that your consumable doesn’t have a gram of marijuana in it!

Take advantage of making use of strong flavors in your creations. Ingredients like melted caramel and peanut butter are perfect examples of others that can help you minimize the taste of cannabis in your edibles, giving you a delicious treat that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Bake Your Weed Edibles From Scratch

Using instant mixes has to be a thing of the past! Making baked marijuana consumables from scratch is not as difficult and expensive as most people would have you believe!

If you’re used to making cannabis-infused edibles, you’ll know that you can only modify the recipe so much before your dessert loses its integrity, not to mention that they end up tasting pretty unpleasant to most people.

Let’s be honest, the edibles made with these instant mixes will also make you fly through the roof, but their taste sucks… so why not make the trip not only intense but also really tasty?

Try replicating our recipe to make D8 Gummies using the tips mentioned in this post and you will see how much more delicious they are than the marijuana brownies you get in Amsterdam!


Removing weed flavor from your edibles is easier than it sounds and you don’t need to have the best supplies on the market to do it! A good cooling rack will certainly make your life easier, but it’s not really necessary.

These tips will make your marijuana edibles the envy of all your stoner friends, but if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask us! We’re always happy to answer and help you with your needs.

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