Smoking Weed Affect Academic Performance

Does Smoking Weed Affect Academic Performance?

Marijuana use among college students in recent years has reached levels not seen since the 1990s. That’s according to the latest research from Monitoring the Future, an annual survey that looks at drug and alcohol use among the nation’s youth.

Following the strong responses from students, researchers such as Jason Kilmer and Christine Lee (University of Washington School of Medicine) explain some of the reasons behind this trend and its consequences for college students.

Let’s see if there are any educational benefits derived from smoking weed!

Does smoking weed increase learning

It is common to hear among college students that smoking marijuana 24/7 is completely safe and that it increases your learning ability dramatically, however, research shows the opposite… at least in relation to the safety of smoking weed 24/7!

This is particularly true with high-potency cannabis which dominates markets in legal and medicinal states across the country.

In relation to increasing learning capacity, a large body of published research consistently shows that the more frequently a college student consumes cannabis, the lower their grade point average tends to be, and the more they miss classes, and therefore, the longer it takes them to graduate.

Even knowing this, we cannot overlook the fact that smoking marijuana in a controlled format can certainly help students concentrate and focus in their classrooms. Especially those students who are restless or have anxiety problems.

Can you smoke weed and be a good student?

Smoking weed all the time doesn’t seem to help your academic performance in college, on the contrary, it is more likely to end up hurting it! Of course, this will depend on many factors and is not applicable to each and every student.

As mentioned above, people who suffer or suffer from certain types of disorders can benefit from the effects that marijuana has on our bodies, helping them to concentrate on what they should and be better students.

So… You can certainly smoke pot and still be a good student, but you need to learn how to balance your love life, the ambition for your studies, and your desire to smoke weed.

Tips for balancing your studies and weed

Many stoners then managed to graduate at the top of their class, and attended a master’s program with a full scholarship, while still smoking marijuana regularly. All of them followed these simple tips that we share with you today:

Know your type of cannabis

When smoking weed, pay close attention to your behaviors and what kind of weed you do best with. All strains have a different impact on each of us, so try to get that cannabis strain that you enjoy and are able to control.

Stay focused on your goals

Although weed does not create a hangover like alcohol, it can still leave you feeling confused the next day and sluggish the day after.

It is therefore advisable that before a smoking session, you think about the things you have to do the next day so that you know whether you can afford to enjoy a joint with your friends, or if it is more convenient to postpone it for the next day.

Be social and friendly

Be friendly and compare with everyone when you are out partying, but no matter how much they insist, avoid mixing cannabis with alcohol or other drugs. If you are going to enjoy a joint, it is always best to do it in a place where you feel comfortable, with people you know, and only after having previously agreed on a safe way to get home!

In conclusion, yes, marijuana affects your ability to learn but if you use it properly you can still graduate from college and even take advantage of it, be smart about it!

Don’t go overboard, remember that marijuana isn’t harmless, and it could affect your ability to study. And if you decide to take advantage of its many benefits, make sure you’re doing it responsibly.

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