Do small bongs get you higher

Can Small Bongs Get You Higher? Only if You Do This

Bongs are one of the most popular ways to smoke weed and get high among the smoking community.

So it’s only natural that there’s constant controversy about whether bigger bongs are better or if, on the other hand, small bongs make you go higher?

Whatever the size, bongs offer smoother draws, better suction, and more room for accessories, leading to a smoother smoking experience.

If you’re here, it may be because at this point you’re ready to trade in your old bong for a new one, but now that you’re a more experienced smoker you want to be sure which bong to buy from the wide variety of options out there.

So in this post, we are going to tell you everything we know about the effect of large and small bongs, we will help you dispel the constant doubt: Do small bongs get you higher? As well as tell you the secret trick to get you higher with a small bong.

Do Small Bongs Get You Higher?

You have probably already heard someone in your circle of friends claim that smaller bongs are much better and will give you a trip you will never forget.

However, we regret to bring you down from the cloud and kill the illusions that an inexperienced young man had generated in your head.

We remind you that the only thing related to how high you get from smoking weed is the amount of THC you are consuming in that short period.

Of course, everybody is different and if we test the same amount of THC in different individuals, each one will react very differently, but this is due to other factors such as metabolism, how much tolerance they have, the way that cannabis is consumed and even the weight of the individual.

It is obvious that we are facing a myth, however, some little tricks will help you get much more stoned with a small bong. But we’ll reveal that later!

Does size matter with bongs?

At first glance, the size of the bongs may seem merely aesthetic, as would their different shapes and colors. Something trivial that probably won’t have any effect on your overall weed-smoking experience.

But the truth is that the size of your bong can affect your experience significantly, and this is mainly because the bigger the bong, theoretically the more weed you can put in it, increasing the amount of THC in each hit!

Don’t get us wrong, it’s going to be more about personal preference and the way you like to enjoy your smokes.

If you’re all about going through life taking long, controlled hits that allow you to enjoy the flavor of your weed to the fullest, then a small bong is the best choice for you.

Whereas if you prefer massive puffs that leave you breathless, fill your lungs, and hit you almost immediately. Big bongs are ideal for you.

Whatever experience you want to have, the bong market has it all covered for you and nowadays there are several sizes to suit everyone’s individual needs (not to mention that there are millions of unique and quite crazy designs).

Let’s take a look!

Small and Mini Bongs:

They are bongs that in most cases have only about 10 inches, made for those smokers who want to look for something discreet that allows them to enjoy the most of the flavor of their marijuana.

They are options that thanks to their size are very portable and much more comfortable to clean and maintain when you are traveling. Ideal for those who still do not assume that they are smokers at heart and want to hide this habit of the gods!

Medium Bongs:

It is usually the version that most smokers have at home and not necessarily because it is the best, it is simply the one we are all used to seeing in movies and our favorite series.

They tend to be 14-inch options, it is certainly an option that will offer you a fairly balanced experience. But keep in mind that it is an option that will not be easy to carry around with you if you are looking to go unnoticed.

Big bongs:

Designed especially for those expert smokers who have a fairly high tolerance and are looking for puffs that make them fly as if it were the first time.

They usually measure about 21 inches and can reach up to 30 without any problem. Ideal for those who usually make gatherings at home to smoke with friends and rotate the bong!

Are big bongs better?

It is not a question of whether they are better or not, they simply allow us to introduce a larger amount of the marijuana of our liking inside the bowl. 

So, if you ever smoked weed at a friend’s house using a big bong and you felt that you were much more stoned than when you smoke at home with your mini bong, let us tell you that you are deluded and this is only because there was a larger amount of marijuana in the bowl.

Of course, it is much easier to get much more stoned in a big bong than in a mini bong, however, here are a couple of tips to finally make your friends wonder: Do small bongs get you higher?

How to get higher with a bong?

Finally, we got to the moment you were waiting for, we had promised to show you how you could get high with a small bong, and with these tricks, we assure you that you will be on cloud nine in seconds!

  • Put more weed in your bong: No doubt you may be thinking… what idiots! This is pretty obvious. But we put it on the list because it’s pretty easy to overlook when you’re just thinking about getting high as hell.

  • Use a more potent strain: We all know that there are hundreds of strains whose effects are very different from one another. Your favorite weed may not be one of the most potent, so a good recommendation is to switch to one that kicks a lot harder.

  • Try gravity bongs: With these bongs, the smoke will be super concentrated, just what the more experienced smokers are looking for. The only downside is that it is not something for beginners so be careful when you decide to try it.

  • Reset your tolerance level: A break from weed can change the way you will experience its effects the next time you use it. If you are a regular marijuana user, likely, your body has already built up a high tolerance to THC, and stopping for a while is your best option.

Follow these tricks and then, when you start using marijuana in your bong again, you’ll no doubt think: Shit, it looks like small bongs get you higher!


Are small glass bongs good?

The small bongs are highly effective, powerful, and as good as the others, they were simply designed to be totally portable and ideal to take on your travels.

How expensive is a small bong?

Small bongs tend to be among the most economical, however, this will depend on factors such as brand and construction materials. The simplest ones usually sell for around $19.

Why do most people say that smaller bongs get you higher?

This is just a popular belief that has made its way into the smoking communities around the world, with the false belief that because they are smaller the THC concentration will be higher.


Getting high on bongs is fun! But with so many myths out there, it can be quite tricky to get the perfect size bong for your needs.

So you should start experimenting and playing with the different bongs to find out which one suits your needs.

With this article, we hope to have cleared up as many doubts you may have about bongs and above all finally give a clear answer to the question that so many smokers ask: Do small bongs get you higher?

While we disprove that myth, we gave you a couple of tricks that will make your small bong get you the best highs of your life so put them into practice and if you know of any other that can help the rest of the smokers, feel free to share it in the comments.

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