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Do Edibles Taste Like Weed? Make Them Better!

Does edibles taste like weed

In recent years, successful efforts to legalize weed have brought marijuana to the national stage. Today, several states across the country have fully legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational use, not to mention the other states that are close to doing the same.

This has opened the doors for stoners and big companies to be inspired and use all their creativity to mix cannabis and food to create unique experiences. It’s not just weed brownies anymore, there are now hundreds of marijuana edibles you can enjoy.

It’s not surprising at all that the edible marijuana industry is one of the industries that has skyrocketed the most in recent years, attracting all kinds of audiences.

If you are one of the few who have not yet dared to try these wonders, it is quite likely that you have many questions, among them: Do edibles taste like weed?

Don’t worry, with this post we will help you understand more in depth the weed edibles, we will talk about the most common myths and clear all the doubts you may have.

So… let’s get to it!

What are weed edibles?

Weed edibles are foods or beverages that have been infused with marijuana and therefore contain THC, providing a more intense and prolonged high than other weed products.

The spectrum of edibles is as wide as you can imagine, almost any food or beverage can be infused with cannabis. Plus, it’s the easiest way for those just beginning their cannabis experience (or for those who can’t smoke it).

In any case… edibles are the tastiest and most fun alternative for those who want to spend the afternoon enjoying some weed!

Do edibles taste like weed?

Controlling the taste of cannabis in food is a rather complicated task, it is not simply a matter of masking it, there is much more behind it.

This is something that will depend a lot on the quality of the weed being used, as well as the type of edible to be prepared.

For example, weed-based chocolates hide the marijuana flavor very well, while the famous gummy bears may surprise you with a strong weed flavor!

We know that depending on what kind of stoner you are, you’re going to want your marijuana edibles to taste more or less like weed. That’s why we’ve sat down with some great iconic chefs to find out how to make your edibles taste more or less intense:

How to make your edibles have a stronger weed flavor?

Once you learn the basics of cooking with cannabis, you will begin to use concentrated cannabis oil and flower infusions to retain many of the flavor notes of the original strain, as well as all of its unique psychoactive effects.

A good way to increase the cannabis flavor of your edibles is to cook them using several infusions of different strains at the same time. Cook them at gentle temperatures to preserve as many aromas and flavors as possible!

How to make your edibles have a lighter flavor?

New or less experienced marijuana cooks will most likely not like edibles with a high herbal flavor as much. Therefore, the best tip you can take home today is to avoid mixing too much infused oil with the sugar, this mixture greatly enhances the weed flavor.

Try starting with the savory ones, they hide the cannabis flavor better and there are certainly a lot of dishes you can create. Have fun creating a salad dressing or risk a little more and recreate a tasty Asian dish!

Most common myths about weed edibles

The popularity of marijuana and its consumables has not only led to more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks in Los Angeles. It was only to be expected that along with it came hundreds and hundreds of myths that we are about to disprove or confirm:

Best cannabis butters are boiled for three days:

Creating quality butters requires tedious work and a lot of free time to constantly stir and monitor the mixture. So this is absolutely true!

However, there are already those who have managed to create excellent butters by simply boiling them for three or four hours at a suitable temperature to extract all the cannabinoids perfectly.

You must eat the entire edible to experience its potency:

This will certainly depend on whether you are new to using cannabis or not, so we’ll give it as false is popular myth.

This has a lot to do with how much tolerance to cannabis you have or have not developed in your body. If you are new, consume very small amounts (between 5 and 15 milligrams of THC) until you are sure how it will affect you.

You can overdose on marijuana edibles:

This is totally true, however, when it comes to marijuana edibles there is no such thing as a fatal overdose. It practically works like with alcohol, you throw up, turn around, rest and wake up better.

But be careful, the experience can be more severe than when you get drunk and you may not feel like trying weed edibles again.


Do weed edibles hit harder?

Cannabis edibles can offer a more intense and much longer lasting high than if you smoke it. So think carefully about what to eat and what you need before your THC-infused edible.

How can you tell if an edible is good?

If you start to notice that your edible has a different smell at some point, it is quite likely a sign that it has spoiled, basically the same as you would notice with a normal food product.

Do any weed edible taste gross?

There are weed edibles that tend to have a rather unpleasant taste and in most cases this is because some of the chlorophyll and other matter ends up in the final cannabis product and creates an earthy taste.

What are weed gummy bears like?

They are literally the same as the gummy bears you ate as a kid, the best ones even taste the same. While the mediocre ones can have a very strong weed taste.

How long they stay in your system?

Edibles take time to process, so their effects can last up to 12 and you may even notice some residual relaxation or fatigue after the high has worn off.


Undoubtedly, cannabis edibles have arrived to revolutionize gastronomy and the way of consuming cannabis forever.

There is a wide variety and range of products that are made from weed and that undoubtedly have the ability to give you a good high. Some of them really taste like a candy as well as there are other edibles that taste like weed, it is a matter of taste.

Whether you like sweet or salty, intense weed flavors or on the other hand you prefer to feel a more subdued taste… The world of weed consumables has something to offer you!

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  1. The taste varies depending on the product. Some edibles do have a noticeable weed taste, while others mask it with delicious flavors. It’s all about finding the right one for you and avoiding those edibles that taste like weed. Anyway, I always take it as a small price to pay for the experience!

    1. Luckily, there are so many options available now that it’s easier than ever to find edibles with delicious flavors that don’t have a noticeable weed taste. I invite you to try our recipes, I am sure you will love them!

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