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Your Poop Smells Like Weed (And This Is Why)

    Why does my poop smell like weed

    Has it ever happened to you that you are at a family gathering enjoying a nice family dinner, when suddenly nature calls you and after calming your instincts, you feel that familiar smell in your poop?

    Don’t worry, hundreds of us have gone through it and let me tell you that you are not crazy, your poop really is smelling like weed, it’s not an effect of your imagination!

    Right at that moment, we’ve all wondered: Why does my poop smell like weed?

    But you know this can become one of those very embarrassing questions, the kind you probably wouldn’t want to ask even your best friend.

    Surely the best alternative was to google it, so to help you out, we thought it appropriate to create an article to answer that and other questions related to weed and your poop.

    Why Does My Poop Smell Like Weed?

    It is true that nobody likes the smell of poop, it can be quite strong and disgusting. In the case of us cannabis users, our poop can smell like weed and this is thanks to THC.

    According to the results of the study “Tolerance and disposition of THC in man” conducted by Hunt AC, Jones. Between 80% and 90% of the THC we take into our body is excreted in a maximum period of 5 days.

    Where approximately 20% will be expelled in the urine and the other 70% will be expelled from our body through our poop.

    When smoking weed, very little of that THC enters our body so it is very likely that if your poop smells like weed, it is because you have been consuming cannabis edibles.

    These like any other food are digested in our stomach, but in the case of weed it may not all be digested efficiently and it may come out the other end still smelling like it did when you consumed it.

    This is not always the case, as everyone’s body and digestive system is different, however we must be aware that this is one of the unpleasant side effects that consuming cannabis can bring to our lives.

    Weed makes my poop green?

    You may have seen your poop turn green and thought it was because you smoked a joint or two of marijuana the night before.

    But that’s not the case, the only way weed is able to turn your poop green is if you consume way more cannabis than your body can handle.

    Or then, if for some reason there was still a lot of plant matter present in the cannabis edibles you consumed a couple of hours ago.

    Stools can turn green for different reasons, but in most cases this has nothing to do with marijuana consumption. Among the main causes we can find:

    • Bacterial infections.
    • Consumption of plants with high chlorophyll content.
    • Being under medical treatment with certain antibiotics.

    So if you have not been consuming cannabis or any derivative of it in the last few days and your poop is green, it is best to consult a doctor urgently!

    Weed makes you poop more?

    You may have noticed that after smoking you usually go to the bathroom to do number two, and now seems like a good time to wonder if it’s actually the weed that’s making you poop more.

    Marijuana can not only change the color and smell of poop, but it can change a lot of things with our gastrointestinal system.

    Smoking cannabis can make some people feel like going to the bathroom to defecate more often, however, not everyone feels this effect.

    It is important to keep in mind that there are many other factors that come into play when it comes to determining whether or not someone defecates after consuming cannabis.

    In fact, there are medical studies that indicate that the consumption of cannabis in any of its presentations could reduce the intestinal movement of some people, thus causing constipation problems.

    So it is too early to affirm or deny the fact that weed consumption makes you defecate more frequently. More studies are needed and we will wait for them to give you truthful and responsible information.

    Does weed cause stomach problems?

    It is known that some people tend to suffer some stomach problems after prolonged and careless use of cannabis. However, it has not been proven that cannabis is the main cause.

    Still it is important to be objective and take into consideration that everything in excess will cause some negative changes in our body.

    It would be totally hypocritical of us to claim that there is absolutely no chance that it will not cause unpleasant and debilitating damage.

    Although there is a possibility that cannabis and its prolonged use can cause damage to our stomach, we must clarify that most of the effects discovered so far are usually mild.

    What strains make my poop smell less?

    If you want to reduce the smell of weed emanating from your poop, the best thing to do is to opt for marijuana strains whose smell is much milder and discreet.

    There is a huge variety of strains whose odors are not very strong and this will not affect their effects at all. They will simply help a little to make the smell of your poop attract less attention from your neighbor.

    Take out pencil and paper because here are 5 strains of cannabis that will change your life and the smell of your poop forever!

    • Papaya: This hybrid leaves a recognizable papaya aroma in the air that is tropical and sweet.
    • Blue Mystic: This is one of those low odor strains that smells fruity instead of skunky.
    • Northern Lights: Not only has little odor, but flowers quickly and are quite hardy.
    • Sharksbreath: It does not have much to do with its name, on the contrary, it has a slightly sweet aroma, but it is very subtle.
    • Durban Poison: They can be almost odorless, have a spicy, citrus smell and a flavor that some compare to anise.


    The smell of weed in the poop seems to have gone somewhat viral in recent months, it may be due to the increase of people using cannabis on a regular basis today.

    Hopefully you can use what you learned here today to be more relaxed if this happens to you at some point and if not, you can always use it as a topic to impress your friends with a somewhat weird topic.

    Anyway, remember that in most cases the smell of weed in your poop is nothing serious, but if you notice that these effects last for any length of time you should consult your doctor!

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