Can You Bring a Weed Pen to Disney World?

Bringing a Weed Pen to Disney World! Is it Possible?

Disney World is known for its magical atmosphere and family-friendly environment. However, with strict rules and regulations in place, it’s important to know what you can and can’t bring to the park. One question that often arises is whether or not you can bring a weed pen to Disney World.

While the answer may seem straightforward, it’s important to understand the rules surrounding smoking at Disney World. We’ll explore the topic in detail and provide you with the information you need to know before bringing a weed pen to Disney World.

Can You Bring a Weed Pen to Disney World?

No, you cannot bring a weed pen to Disney World as it is against their strict policy, and doing so can lead to serious consequences, including being banned from the park.

Disney now employs metal detectors and security personnel to inspect visitors and their luggage, including their pockets, at the park entrance. Of course, it might be possible (though not recommended) to sneak in a bag of weed because it is soft and there are no drug dogs present, but bringing in a weed pen is a more complicated task!

Even after gaining entry, you’re not entirely free from potential issues. The designated smoking areas are extremely limited (there are fewer and fewer every day), and with cameras and security personnel everywhere, smoking your weed pen will not be easy at Disney World.

You might even be thinking about smoking inside your room, but let us inform you that this is not an easy task. Mousekeeping currently conducts mandatory daily checks of ALL rooms, including bedrooms and bathrooms, in the hotel.

It is quite likely that if you attempt any “unusual activities” in any of the rooms, you will end up getting caught!

How to Sneak Weed Pen Into Disney World

Allow us to emphasize our stance… we do not support or promote any unlawful actions. We understand that certain individuals may wish to discreetly enjoy their cannabis pen while having fun at Disney World. If you opt for this approach, here are some subtle recommendations:

  1. Keep the weed pen securely tucked away in a makeup bag.
  2. Hide the cannabis pen discreetly by placing it inside a fake lint roller.
  3. Mask the weed pen by placing it inside a sanitary pad.
  4. Use an empty sunglasses case to hide the weed pen.

Please remember that the legality of such activities varies by location, and engaging in illegal behavior can have serious consequences. Always prioritize compliance with local laws and regulations.

How to Smoke a Weed Pen Into Disney World

Now that you’re aware of the possibility of discreetly using weed pens in Disney World, let’s explore some effective strategies to enjoy your cannabis pen without attracting unwanted attention:

  1. Employ a Smoke Buddy: If your plan includes enjoying a weed pen in Disney World, consider using a smoke buddy to effectively reduce both smoke and odor.

  2. Low-Odor Strains: Opt for cannabis strains with minimal odor. This choice will help you avoid unnecessary attention and enhance your discreet enjoyment.

  3. Embrace the Low-Profile: Seek out a spot within Disney World where you can indulge discreetly. Take gentle, measured puffs to minimize smoke emissions.

What If You Get Caught Smoking a Weed Pen on Disney World?

Disney has its own security and policies in place to maintain a family-friendly and safe environment within its parks and resorts. Anyone violating this policy is at risk of being promptly removed from Disney World, often alongside a potential prohibition from accessing any Disney-owned properties in the future.

It is worth mentioning that Disney collaborates with local law enforcement, and those caught with any form of cannabis substances could be subject to criminal charges if they exceed the legal limit allowed.

Are There Legal Ways to Consume Weed in Disney World?

No, there are no legal ways to consume weed in Disney World. Smoking marijuana is not permitted at any time in Disney World, even in designated smoking areas. However, here are some alternatives for enjoying weed during your visit to Disney World:

  1. Get Some Tasty Edibles: Edibles products offer a convenient choice for enjoying cannabis, and you’ll likely find numerous nearby dispensaries that sell them.

  2. Find Legal Places to Smoke: While planning your trip take some time to look for some places near Disney World so that you can escape from time to time and use your weed pen without any risk.


No one denies that smoking a weed pen at Disney World is possible; however, keep in mind that it does not mean that it is legal or allowed. If you decide to move forward on your journey to smoke a weed pen at Disney World, at least try to use our tips to increase your chances of doing so without problems.

Keep in mind that we do not support illegal activities, so we encourage you to choose to leave the weed pen at home, enjoy Disney World and all it has to offer, and avoid any problems.

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