Can You Bring a Weed Pen into Festivals?

Can You Sneak Weed Pen Into Festivals and Concerts?

Music festivals are the ultimate escape for music enthusiasts and stoners, offering a chance to revel in live music, connect with like-minded people, and immerse oneself in an atmosphere of pure euphoria.

For many festival-goers, enhancing this experience with a weed pen is a common choice. Join us while we explore the ins and outs of getting a weed pen into festivals while keeping your safety, discretion, and enjoyment in mind.

Can You Bring a Weed Pen to Festivals or Concerts?

It is generally not allowed to bring weed pens to festivals or concerts due to the legal status of cannabis in the different states of our country.

This does not mean that it is a rule for all festivals, in general, most of the festivals and electronic music concerts relaxed their stance on weed pens and even designated specific areas where festival-goers can consume cannabis legally and responsibly.

If you plan to bring a pen into a concert, it’s best to check the festival’s website or contact the organizers to inquire about their policy on weed pens.

How to Sneak a Pen into a Concert?

Most people will tell you to simply put the weed pen in your pocket or bag and go through security like you normally would, and for the most part, it is that easy. Most security guards are primarily looking for weapons and other dangerous items, not weed pens.

However, sometimes it may not be so simple. There are security officers who will actually do their job well and try to prevent any cannabis and other drug paraphernalia from entering the festival, and this includes your weed pen.

So if you want to make sure your weed pen gets into the festival with you, here are some tricks that will help you achieve that:

  • Makeup Bags: Separate all the pieces of your weed pen and put them inside the makeup bag. This is a trick that works without problems even on airplanes!

  • Your Underwear: Security will not press their hands against your boobs or your crotch, because they could end with a sexual harassment claim.

  • Hide it on Your Sneakers: Sneaking a cart into a concert is easier than you think, just make sure you put the cartridge in one shoe and the batteries in the other.

  • Hide it in Plain Sight: If you have long hair, take advantage of that! You can use your weed pen as a hair clipper while passing through security.

To sneak a weed pen into festivals or concerts, you just need a bit of imagination and common sense. However, if you want to avoid any risks, you can use one of the methods mentioned above to avoid getting caught.

How to Use a Weed Pen Discreetly at a Festival

Once you’ve successfully bypassed security and entered the festival grounds with your weed pen, it’s time to indulge responsibly. Here are some valuable tips for making the most of your weed pen at the festival:

  1. Be Discreet: While it’s tempting to flaunt your weed pen, it’s advisable to use it discreetly and consider using a smoke buddy to minimize the amount of smoke.

  2. Go Easy: Take small, measured hits, and allow a few minutes to gauge their effects before considering another hit. Maintain control over your experience!

  3. Stay Hydrated: In the midst of music, dancing, and socializing, don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout the festival to prevent dehydration and maintain your energy levels.

  4. Stay Within Your Limits: The tolerance to THC varies from one individual to another, so it is essential that you know your limits to avoid situations that could potentially ruin your festival experience.

Downsides Of Being Caugh With Weed At A Festival

The consequences of getting caught with a weed pen at a festival or concert may vary depending on the location and the laws surrounding cannabis use. Here are some possible consequences:

  • Confiscation: Security personnel may confiscate the weed pen if they find it during a search. This means that the person will not be able to use the pen during the event.

  • Denial of Entry: Depending on the event and the location, getting caught with a weed pen may result in denial of entry to the event.

  • Legal Consequences: Possession of cannabis products may be illegal in some locations, and may result in fines or even arrest.

Keep in mind that consequences may vary depending on the location and the laws surrounding cannabis use. It is recommended to check the rules and regulations of the specific event beforehand and to avoid bringing weed pens if they are prohibited.


Using a weed pen at a festival can elevate your enjoyment to new heights, enhancing the music, ambiance, and camaraderie. By putting the tips mentioned above into practice, you will be able to enjoy your weed pen at festivals without encountering any problems.

So, go ahead and make the most of your festival adventure, knowing that you’re equipped with the knowledge to use your weed pen wisely!

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