Best places to hide weed in your car

The Best 7 Places To Hide Weed In Your Car

Smoking weed is a habit that we could consider quite healthy compared to alcohol and heavy drugs for example. However, all stoners run a high risk of being caught by the police while transporting marijuana with us.

In most states in the country it is still an illegal substance (and even in those states where it is legal) we run the risk of being arrested and could face years in prison if a law enforcement officer catches us carrying some weed.

If you haven’t been stopped to search your car for drugs yet, congratulations! You are one of the lucky few. The bad news is that at any moment it can happen and the cops won’t hesitate for a second to put you in handcuffs, especially if you look suspicious and your car smells like marijuana!

Therefore it is important that every time you smoke in your car, you make sure to eliminate the smell of weed and know very well where in your car you can hide the rest of your cannabis stash to avoid the police officers to find it if they decide to search your car.

Don’t let getting caught with weed in your car ruin your life, be smart and use some of the best places to hide weed in your car, areas where cops rarely look!

Best Places To Hide Weed In Your Car

Jail time or even a drug charge can shatter your life. So if you’re hitting the road with some marijuana, store your stash in a Ziplock bag to hide the aroma a bit and store it in one of these places in your car:

Inside Your Tires

Regardless if you are carrying a few grams to enjoy your day at the beach or if you are carrying a stash for the whole weekend, one of the best solutions to hide weed in your car is undoubtedly the inside of your vehicle’s tires.

We know this is not always possible, so check to see if you have the space there to use it to your advantage. This can be one of the best ways to hide your weed and its smell since it is not inside your vehicle.

But make sure you do it right, the last thing you want is to get pulled over by a police officer and have your stash of weed fall right in front of his feet!

Inside Your Spare Tire

What usually happens when a police officer stops your car looking for weed, is to go to the trunk of your car and see what you have in there. Luckily, we know a trick to hide the weed in front of their eyes without them being able to detect it (in 99% of the cases).

Most of the vehicles used in our country usually have a layer of fabric or hard plastic in the trunk and just under it is our spare tire. Right there we can hide our bag of weed, we just need to tape it to the top inside of our tire, where the police will not be able to see it.

In The Gas Tank

The reality is that the best places to hide drugs in your car are usually on the outside of your car and in 99% of the cases when a cop looks for marijuana in your car, he puts a lot of his effort into looking inside!

So the gas cap is a brilliant choice! Especially if your vehicle has a lock to protect this area. Just be sure to secure your stash to the gas cap to prevent it from falling into the gas tank and ending up with a huge repair bill to pay for your car.

The So-Called Secret Compartments

You may not know this, however, but all or at least the vast majority of vehicles in the world tend to have parts that come off quite easily. This was not only designed for easy replacement but also to make it easier for mechanics to access certain parts of the vehicle.

This is certainly good news for us. These places are a very good option to hide our weed, because like you, many of the police officers are unaware of the location of these secret compartments!

Check with your mechanic to see if your vehicle model has one of these secret compartments, they are usually located on the dashboard or on the floor of the car. There you will be able to store a few grams of weed without being detected by the police as long as you remember to remove the smell of weed from your car.

Use Your Car’s Garbage

Most of us stoners are pretty messy, let’s face it! And thanks to the fact that marijuana works up an appetite, it’s quite likely that you have a huge amount of food wrappers inside your car.

This is something we can certainly use to our advantage. Most people won’t want to get their hands dirty rummaging through other people’s trash (and the police are no exception), so candy leftovers, soda cans, and fast food wrappers are incredibly good places to hide your weed.

Under The Floor Mats Of Your Car

You might think that car mats only serve to carry all the crap we carry in our shoes after walking around all day. But why not be a little more ingenious? After all, we stoners are pretty creative people!

Carpets are an incredibly good place to hide weed inside your car, just stick a bag (preferably odor-proof) with your weed on the inside of the carpet and relax.

Police officers will most likely not come by to check it out!

The Console Armrest

Near the center console of most cars, there is this small armrest that is usually well accompanied by a small storage compartment. Of course, this is one of the first places the police will be looking for your stash, however, you can hide your weed there, right in front of their eyes.

Many of these compartments usually have a false floor or a small, narrow tunnel perfect for hiding a few grams of weed in plain sight. This may not be the most recommended method, but it has definitely saved the bacon of many an American stoner!

It’s best to try one of the above options, but if you’re feeling a little daring or have run out of options, you can always use this little compartment in the armrest of your car.


If you are really worried and looking for a place to hide the weed in your car, use a weed container that eliminates odors and store it in one of the places we have shown you in this post.

Make it harder for officers, feel free to leave a couple of wrappers of candy and fast food inside your car when you’re on the road. Mixing a safe place to stash your weed with a little trash as a distraction will be the perfect combination to get away with a thorough search of your car.

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  1. I will definitely try these places to hide my stash, is not in my plans to get caught with weed and face legal consequences. You are a genius! all these places to hide weed in your car seems legit, looks like someone will stay one step ahead of the law!

    1. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to avoiding legal consequences, right? Thanks for your comment and stay safe out there!

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