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Smoking Weed On An Empty Stomach? (You Won’t Like This!)

Smoking weed on an empty stomach

There are true masters in the cannabis industry, dedicated to creating high potency weed strains and innovative consumption methods that help deliver those intense highs, however, consumers are always on the lookout for those tricks to enhance the experience.

This is extremely popular in the consumption of other substances, for example in the world of alcohol we know that drinking on an empty stomach will make us get drunk much faster, which can lead to a night of remorse.

But, is it necessary to smoke marijuana on an empty stomach? Does smoking weed on an empty stomach make the effects stronger?

Smoking Weed on an Empty Stomach Is Bad?

We already know how everything works so far as far as the world of weed is concerned, there is not much scientific information to support whether smoking weed on empty stomach is bad, however if anything we have enough first hand experience that can help us to have a clearer idea.

It turns out that every stoner we’ve talked to has a totally different opinion when it comes to smoking weed on an empty stomach.

Many of them have made it very clear that smoking on an empty stomach gives them a much more potent high and they certainly love it, but despite this, they have subsequently presented extreme hunger pangs once the trip starts to pass.

On the other hand, there are those who simply can’t stand smoking without putting some food in their stomach first. They have gone through several episodes where they feel nauseous, their heart rate has accelerated, and some have even passed out when the high kicks in.

With this in mind we can note that there is a pattern that tips the scales for the theory that is it bad to smoke on an empty stomach. While the high may feel much better, don’t forget that it comes with a cost that you may not want to pay!

Main Reasons to Avoid Weed on an Empty Stomach

Nowadays with so many options available on the market, it is very easy to get a weed presentation for you to consume as you like. However, there is one rule that all manufacturers will advise you: Do not consume cannabis on an empty stomach!

But… Can you smoke weed on an empty stomach? What happens if you smoke weed on an empty stomach? Here are the effects of smoking weed on an empty stomach:

Increased Probability of Side Effects:

Although the vast majority of us use cannabis to get high and get a good high at the end of the day, we can’t forget that there are those who turn to weed for its therapeutic benefits.

Many of them use cannabis edibles to alleviate their levels of anxiety, depression and even insomnia.

These types of people cannot have a high concentration of THC in their system in such a short time, which could contribute to worsening the circumstances for which they turned to weed in the first place.

Of course, when it comes to weed edibles, manufacturers design them with the risk of side effects in mind. However, eating them on an empty stomach increases the risk of presenting undesirable side effects such as paranoia.

Amplified Effects of Weed:

The famous THC molecule is behind all the euphoria and sensations we get from consuming weed in any of its presentations.

These effects tend to be different from individual to individual, however it is well known that the high from eating weed lasts longer than from smoking it…

When consuming cannabis, THC takes approximately 30 minutes to process, however once the effects are activated, they can last for an average of 4 to 8 hours.

Doing it on an empty stomach will make the weed hit your body much harder and faster, causing an intense euphoric effect that is very difficult to control and may take much longer to disappear.

Weed Edibles on an Empty Stomach Hit You Harder?

When you eat an edible, the food is broken down in the stomach and must be metabolized by the liver before you begin to feel the effects.

Orally ingested weed is absorbed through the small intestine, so eating an edible on an empty stomach means there is less material in the small intestine competing for absorption, which could hypothetically increase the effects.

In fact a cannabis user with a good tolerance, consuming edibles on an empty stomach could allow him to feel a stronger effect with a smaller dose and at the same time save some money!

But hey… This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a lot more stoned. Contrary to what many believe, when your stomach is empty, your body doesn’t have the capacity to absorb as much THC as you might think.

So once again, getting weed into your system on an empty stomach is not the best way to enjoy a good high.

Instead of doing that, try combining (or pre-ingesting) your edible with a high-fat food like avocado and nut butters – healthy fats can help the cannabinoids work better.


As with most myths about weed consumption, there is too little research to really know whether consuming weed on empty stomach will do you good or harm (even though everything points to the negative).

We have no choice but to rely on the testimonials of smokers in the community to draw our own conclusions, however at weedstripes we have noticed that there certainly seems to be a connection between the contents of your stomach and how potent your high is.

We can’t do anything but wait a little while for studies with a strong foundation to answer these types of questions that arise daily in our community.

We can’t do anything but wait a little while for studies with a strong foundation to answer these types of questions that arise daily in our community.

However, just in case, we recommend you always have food in your stomach before you roll a joint or enjoy a delicious happy brownie.

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