How to remove weed smell from car

Removing Weed Smell From Car: How to Do It Fast & Easy!

It’s no secret to anyone that marijuana has a fairly easy-to-recognize, powerful, and distinctive smell. So if you’ve been smoking weed in your car or recently drove a colleague home while smoking a joint, it’s quite likely that the smell of weed is now deeply embedded in the seats, carpets, and even your car’s AC system.

As you know, consuming weed inside your car is illegal in most states of the United States, so now you’re probably worried that someone will find out that you and your friends have been having intense hotbox sessions inside your car (especially if it’s the local police).

So now you’re wondering, how to remove the weed smell from my car?

No need to worry, in this article we are going to show you a couple of simple, quick, and effective tricks to eliminate the characteristic odors of weed inside your car and make your car smell like new!

How To Remove Weed Smell From Your Car?

We will now list the most effective tricks to eliminate the intense smell of cannabis from the interior of your car. We will start by mentioning those less effective until we get to the one that for us is the most effective solution to leave your car smelling like new.

So the smartest thing to do would be to read to the end, to learn how to eliminate once and for all the intense smell of weed from your car.

Replace Your Car Air Filter

On many occasions, the smell of grass is trapped in the channels and filters of your air conditioner, so if every time you turn on the air in your car, you start to feel that characteristic smell of weed, the solution is quite simple.

Just open the hood of your car, remove the air filter, and clean it with a special product to avoid damaging it. If you don’t want to take any risks, you can always replace the old air filter with a new one!

Cover Up With Air Fresheners

These have undoubtedly been used for years to cover those annoying odors that have started to appear in our cars over the years. They are created especially for cars, being easy to apply and start working as soon as you take them out of their packaging.

You can easily get them at the local car wash, the local supermarket, and even in the hundreds of dispensers that certain brands have set up in the main avenues throughout the country.

Caution: It is important to note that these products often use toxic ingredients that can be quite harmful, especially if placed in enclosed areas such as vehicles.

Decrease Odors With Activated Charcoal

You have probably already heard about activated charcoal and its impressive ability to absorb all kinds of annoying odors, which makes it a very good solution to get rid of the smell of weed inside your car.

All you have to do is buy a couple of bags of activated charcoal and place it on the floor or under the seats to start absorbing and eliminating the intense smell of weed in your vehicle.

It is important that you never apply activated charcoal directly to the seats of your car, as it is likely to leave marks and we don’t want to add another problem to your life. So if you don’t have bags of activated charcoal, a viable alternative is to open small holes in a coffee can, fill it with activated charcoal, and leave it under the car seats.

Use Baking Soda

The process and logic behind this method are quite similar to that of activated charcoal. The big difference is that the baking soda can be sprayed directly on the surface of your car’s upholstery without the risk of staining it.

Therefore, sprinkle some baking soda on the upholstery of your car and let it sit for about two hours. Then remove the baking soda with the help of a vacuum cleaner and the smell of weed will be completely gone from the interior of your car!

Perform Deep Cleaning

If you have a couple of extra dollars available, we recommend you go to a specialized service so that with the help of a wet vacuum cleaner and the right cleaning products, they can leave your car clean and smelling like new! (Plus, they will surely give you an air freshener).

Stop Smoking Weed In The Car

This is a no-brainer! The best way to avoid your car smelling like weed is to stop smoking or transporting your marijuana buds in it. However, we know this is difficult, but you can always try other alternatives… have you already thought about buying vaporizers?

Alternative Ways To Get Rid Of Weed Smell From Your Car

Even though we have already mentioned the most effective ways to remove weed odor from your car, it is not out of place to mention a couple of alternatives that we have tested for a few days and seem to work really well.

However, they are not part of our list of the most effective ones because we believe we have yet to test them for some time, but we still recommend you try them.

Use Essential oils

Using essential oils seems to help mask marijuana odors. Use them with an oil diffuser, which is basically a humidifier designed to diffuse water mixed with essential oils inside your car. You can find them in hundreds of places (from car washes to and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to match the color and style of your car.

Clean With Vinegar And Water

This could easily be grandma’s secret (if she smoked weed), what you do is mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a bowl, then use a microfiber cloth to use the solution to clean all the surfaces of your car, from the dashboard to the doors!

Fight Smoke With Smoke

This advice came from an experienced and well-known stoner on Reddit, who basically claimed to combat the smell of weed with the smell of cigarette smoke.

The cigarette has a rather strong and unpleasant odor that undoubtedly helps to successfully mask the smell of weed. The bad news is that it will not eliminate the bad smell from your car, but it can certainly save you from getting in trouble with the authorities!

Apply Weed Odor Eliminators

These are products created with a scientifically designed mixture specifically designed to neutralize the odor molecules of cannabis smoke. There are currently a large number of brands that produce this type of product and the truth is that they are quite effective!

The reason why this type of product is so efficient is that experienced scientists have blended chemicals and ingredients strategically chosen to completely eliminate the smell of marijuana from your car.


How long does weed smell last in a car?

If you smoke weed inside your car, you can expect it to smell like marijuana for about 48 hours, unless you put into practice the tricks we have taught you to emasculate and clean the smell of weed from your car.

How to get rid of the hotbox smell in my car?

As soon as possible, drive for a while with the air conditioning on and the windows open, to remove as much of the weed smell from your car as possible. In addition, it is recommended that you use an odor eliminator to avoid any early detection of a hotbox session.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Weed Smell From My Car?

If you go to a specialized service, they will probably do a cleaning service with ozone generators whose value is around $170 (depending on the type of vehicle). However, it is always cheaper to apply the above-mentioned tricks yourself.


And just like that, we have already explained the best methods to eliminate the smell of weed from your car. While some of them may seem a bit drastic, not to say strange, we guarantee that they will work quite well and will get you out of trouble at home and with the local police.

Either way, remember that it is illegal in many states to consume or carry cannabis in your car, just as it is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. So we strongly urge you to never drive a vehicle if you are under the influence of marijuana, it is not only a danger to you but also to all those around you.

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  1. Removing weed smell from car is really hard, the odor of marijuana can linger for days. Thankfully, I found your tips and tricks that helped me eliminate the smell and make my car smell fresh again!

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  2. I’ve had my fair share of worries about getting caught with the smell of weed in my car. Thankfully, these tips for removing weed smell from car AC systems and other surfaces will help you keep your secret sessions under wraps.

    1. Yeah, this is definitely a concern that many people have, especially if they enjoy partaking in secret sessions. Nice to know that our tips help you!

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