Making weed butter with a coffee maker

Weed Butter With a Coffee Maker (The Easy Way)

In the last few years, you too have probably been trying and enjoying hundreds of cannabis-infused food products, better known as edibles.

All of us who have experienced them know how delicious they are and how different they are from smoking a joint. But do you know what is the key to achieving that incomparable sensation?

In large part it is due to the potency of weed butter, that melted butter soaked with activated weed that is normally used for all or almost all of these rich edibles.

Nowadays they use weed butter to cook all kinds of gastronomic recipes, from the mythical chocolate brownies to the most sophisticated and elegant pasta sauce you’ve ever tasted in your life!

If you are as much a fan of edibles as we are, you once had all the interest in learning how to make your homemade weed butter, but it probably fizzled out after hearing that you need a (rather expensive) cannabutter machine to do it.

What if we tell you that this is not true at all and that you can still make your homemade weed butter without having to spend a lot of money on special equipment?

Do you have a coffee maker and weed at home? Then stay until the end and learn how to make your weed butter with a coffee maker!

How to Make Weed Butter With a Coffee Maker


  • 1/2 to 1 ounce (14-28 grams) of ground cannabis flower.
  • 1 cup (2 sticks) of unsalted butter.
  • Water.
  • Coffee filter or cheesecloth.
  • Coffee maker with a warming plate.
  • Grinder.
  • A heatproof container.


  1. Decarboxylation: Grind the cannabis finely and spread it evenly on a baking sheet. Preheat your oven to 240°F (115°C) and bake the cannabis for about 40 minutes. This step activates the THC, making it psychoactive. Be sure to monitor it closely to prevent burning.

  2. Infusion: In your coffee maker, place the ground, decarboxylated cannabis into the coffee filter or cheesecloth. Put the filter or cheesecloth in the coffee maker basket where you’d usually place coffee grounds.

  3. Brewing: Add water to the coffee maker’s reservoir as if you were making a pot of coffee. However, do not add coffee grounds. Turn the coffee maker on and let it run. The hot water will pass over the cannabis, extracting the cannabinoids.

  4. Butter Melt: In a heatproof container, melt the two sticks of butter. You can do this in a microwave or on a stovetop. Once the butter is melted, set it aside.

  5. Combine: As the hot water passes over the cannabis in the coffee maker, it will filter through and mix with the melted butter in your container. Allow the coffee maker to run until all the water has passed through and the butter is infused with the cannabis, which might take a couple of hours.

  6. Cooling: Turn off the coffee maker and let the mixture cool down for a bit.

  7. Straining: Once the mixture has cooled slightly, carefully remove the coffee filter or cheesecloth from the coffee maker basket. Squeeze it to extract any remaining liquid into the container with the butter.

  8. Refrigeration: Let the infused butter cool to room temperature before transferring it to the refrigerator. Allow it to solidify. Once it’s solid, you can remove any excess water from the bottom of the container.

  9. Storage: Store your homemade weed butter in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It can last for several weeks.

What is Weed Butter?

Also known as marijuana butter or cannabutter, it is a food component used to make the famous weed consumables. Roughly speaking, it is a mixture of cannabis and regular butter.

You’ve probably already consumed it in baked cookies or delicious chocolate brownies, however, its use extends to every range of cuisine you can imagine.

In addition, you can get it in two presentations depending on the effects you want to feel: One in which only CBD is present or (the more fun version) containing a combination of CBD and THC that will make you feel hallucinogenic effects!

Can You Make Weed Butter With a Coffee Maker?

While it is true that a special machine designed to make weed butter would be ideal, however, they tend to be a bit expensive, so many people have been looking for efficient alternatives.

The most common method is to use a large pot with water, butter, and the precious herb and leave it on medium heat for a few minutes until the plant material manages to separate from the water and melted butter.

However, the process then gets a little complicated when it comes to filtering the mixture, which results in burnt fingers, ruined t-shirts from splashes, and a few grams of our precious herb lost along the way.

So, can you make weed butter whit a coffee maker?

Yes, it can be done! After many lost grams of weed and several experiences, smokers who refuse to buy these expensive devices have managed to make weed butter with coffee machines, making it much simpler, tidier, and safer.

Best Strain to Make Weed Butter With a Coffee Maker

Now that you’re ready to make weed butter in your coffee maker, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with the sheer number of strains out there.

And to tell you the truth you shouldn’t, you can do it with all strains, however, we’ve got you covered with this list of what we think are the 5 best strains for making weed butter!

White Widow:

This hybrid is one of the most famous cannabis strains among the most experienced smokers. It produces a slight taste of fresh mint when used to prepare delicious edibles. In addition, it will give you a much better high when you eat it than when you smoke it!

Super Lemon Haze:

This strain is synonymous with energy and vitality, known among marijuana lovers for its intense citrus flavor. This strain will give a lime flavor to your edibles, making it ideal for those refreshing desserts.


It is undoubtedly one of the most popular among those who love cannabis consumables. It is one of the best strains to prepare weed butter with a coffee maker, not only because it is a strain with high THC levels, but also because it makes your edibles last much longer!

OG Kush:

This strain is ideal to mix in desserts for the end of the afternoon when you want to relax after a day full of work. Those who consume OG Kush-infused weed butter feel like they are floating in the clouds, totally relaxed and ready to rest.

Orange Crush:

The best strain of all when it comes to making irresistible brownies! Infuse this strain to make the weed butter you’ll use in your chocolate brownies and its high THC levels will give you and your guests a strong hit that will make for a relaxing afternoon!

Of course, these are only recommendations based on our tastes. However, keep in mind that you can choose from varieties with aromas of coffee and chocolate to those more citric.

It’s a matter of taste!

What Can I Cook With Weed Butter?

As we mentioned before, you can use the weed butter you made with your coffee machine in almost any recipe you can imagine. In the world of gastronomy, everything is allowed and basically, the limit is in your imagination!

If you are new to cooking with cannabis, it is best to start with simple recipes like chocolate chip cookies, delicious brownies, or gummies if you are feeling a little more adventurous.

Once you get some experience you can start incorporating it into your daily recipes, maybe experiment with a chicken risotto, a carbonara pasta, or even grandma’s secret soup!
Use your imagination to create (or improve) fantastic dishes!


Never before has it been so easy to make weed butter as it is now, you no longer need to spend a lot of money buying special equipment or going to the dispensary to buy one of these bars.

Now you know that you can make weed butter with a coffee maker, so you have everything you need at home and with the help of our guide you are ready to venture out and make irresistible dishes!

And when your friends ask you what you used to make those dishes, show off and let them know that you were able to prepare those delicious meals by making your own weed butter at home with the help of your coffee maker!

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  1. I was put off by the idea of needing an expensive cannabis butter machine, but now that I try your recipe and it turns out tasty and very good butter…. I’m not spending money on that!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! We believe that making cannabis-infused butter at home should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or access to specialized equipment. That’s why we’re dedicated to sharing these simple recipes!

  2. You know, you make it seem like making weed butter with a coffee maker was a piece of cake with your fancy presentation, but I gotta admit, this whole thing seems like rocket science to me. It’s just too darn complicated and mind-boggling. I’m eagerly waiting for your next post, hoping I’ll finally catch on to it!

    1. Hey there! I totally get where you’re coming from. Making weed butter can seem overwhelming at first even with the help of a coffee maker, but trust me, it’s all about breaking it down into simple steps. Stay tuned for my next post, we’ll conquer this edible adventure! You’ve got this!

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