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Is It Safe to Bring Weed Pen to Mexico? (Be Aware of This)

    Bringing weed pen to mexico

    When the first rays of summer sun start to appear, our head almost as if by magic, begins to think about asking for a few days off from work and planning a nice vacation on a beautiful beach in Cancun or the Riviera Maya.

    You start to imagine what those days of absolute peace will be like, you get down to work and pack your bags without leaving anything behind, at least until you get to your weed pen. That’s when you start to question if it’s safe to bring the weed pen to Mexico with you.

    Now you are desperately searching for information that will give you the answer you are looking for, but the truth is that unfortunately there is not much information about it. Are we right?

    Don’t worry, you are not alone! We know very well that you need to take that vaporizer with you to enjoy some cannabis while relaxing on those hot Mexican beaches.

    That’s why we’ve searched deep under the rocks to let you know if it’s safe to bring your weed pen to Mexico and what’s the best way to pack it for your next trip.

    Here’s what we know about it!

    Can you bring a vape on a flight?

    The legalization of marijuana worldwide is growing exponentially, changing many of the social prejudices we had to live with. Gone are the days when any stoner was afraid to openly admit to using weed!

    Nowadays, it is possible to carry almost any vape device (be it THC, CBD, nicotine, or some kind of herbal infusion) with you on airplanes. This includes, of course, your weed pen!

    There are a couple of very strict regulations and rules that you must follow to the letter to avoid problems during your trip.

    Since we are in the United States, we will refer to the TSA regulations in our country, however, keep in mind that these same regulations apply in most of the world.

    Therefore, if you are traveling to an unfamiliar country, it is best to check local laws. For now, here’s what you should keep in mind within the country:

    • Weed pen devices are only allowed in carry-on baggage.
    • The weed pen battery should not exceed 2 grams of lithium content.
    • You must pack batteries and the weed pen separately.
    • Disposable weed pens are not allowed.
    • Cannabis edibles and even small residues of weed in the devices are prohibited.

    Now, this is information about the United States and you are planning to spend your vacation on the rich beaches of the Riviera Maya. What about weed? Is it safe to bring your weed pen to Mexico?

    Flying with a weed pen to Mexico

    Unfortunately, Mexico has not legalized marijuana at all, which means that cannabis in any of its presentations is considered illegal in the country, even if we are talking about medical marijuana.

    So it is not a good idea to bring your weed pen to Mexico on your next trip. If you do and get caught at the airport (or at the border if you are driving) you will be arrested!

    Making an international trip with your weed pen is usually quite complicated, but we didn’t say impossible! There are ways to bring a weed pen to Mexico hidden, however, we do not recommend it under any circumstances!

    The information we are going to share below is for purely educational purposes, based on the experiences that several stoners in the community have had over the years.

    Remember that if you are caught with any kind of weed, even your weed pen in Mexico, you will be arrested! We do not recommend trying to imitate any of these experiences.

    How to sneak a weed pen to Mexico?

    Many of the most experienced and risky stoners in the community have managed to successfully smuggle their weed pen to Mexico (and other cannabis presentations).

    Here’s what they’ve done to get past airport security and enjoy a great vacation full of highs and a lot of weed:

    1. Weed Pen: The most important thing is to make sure you don’t carry weed infusions larger than 3 ounces in your luggage, you don’t want to give airport security a reason to search your bags! Also, when you are packing, take the time to separate the pen and cartridges and then hide them in two different places.
    2. Marijuana joints: Many have managed to fool Mexican airport security by putting their joints inside cigarette packs. They say that as long as you don’t fly with large amounts they are likely to go unnoticed.
    3. Cannabis buds: To do this they used a bottle of over-the-counter ibuprofen. They emptied it, put the buds inside, added some cotton wool on top of the weed, and then put ibuprofen all the way in!

    It is not recommended to do any of this, it can bring you legal problems. But even so, we know this information is pure gold, at least for the security agents in Mexico!

    Pro tips for packing your weed pen to Mexico

    Now that we have clarified several important points, it is time to give you the best tips and tricks to increase your chances of having a perfect experience with TSA agents:

    • Do not pack full cartridges.
    • Remove any labels that indicate your pen is a weed pen.
    • Separate the battery and pack them separately in a secure bag.
    • Be sure to comply with the Mexican TAS’s liquid guidelines.
    • Of course, don’t forget to pack your charger!


    Can you fly weed in 2022?

    Yes, you can generally fly with a weed pen in carry-on luggage (at least within the US). Other marijuana-derived products such as CBD oil are still illegal unless it contains less than 0.3% THC.

    Can Mexican drug dogs smell a weed pen?

    Drug dogs have a highly trained sense of smell, with which they can smell weed pens from many meters away, even if the pen is small and very discreet.

    Do weed pens set off metal detectors?

    Not all weed pens are made of metal materials, so if you carry one made of plastic materials, you will not set off the alarm of the metal detector.

    Does the TSA constantly search for weed pens?

    TSA agents generally do not put much effort into searching for weed pens, but if they discover an illegal substance during their screening, they will call a law enforcement officer who will take charge of the situation.


    Weed pens in the United States have become a common sight at airports. TSA officers are already used to them and as long as we respect the rules, we get respect in return.

    And that’s why it’s no surprise that flying with a weed pen is a much better option than flying with marijuana edibles or even cannabis buds.

    Likewise, it is probably illegal to enter with a weed pen in many other countries as well. Therefore it is very important to check local laws before you leave, do not risk your freedom!

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