How to roll a joint without a filter

How To Roll A Joint Without A Filter

Without a doubt, marijuana joints are known all over the world, arguably the most iconic way to smoke your weed. It’s something every cannabis smoker should know!

The problem is that with so many different methods and options, putting together joints can be difficult, confusing, and downright daunting if you’re a new stoner.

That’s why today you’ll learn how to roll a joint without a filter. At the same time as save time, money, and frustration when it comes to rolling your favorite strain of cannabis.

Does a Joint Require a Filter?

When you roll a joint, the only functions the filter has are to add some stability to your joint and to prevent some ground up weed from accidentally getting into your mouth.

So they are not entirely necessary, you can easily put together a joint without a filter, as long as you are careful to avoid getting the ground herb in your mouth and not burn your fingers as the joint is consumed evenly.

Many experienced smokers find this method to be the most ideal way to assemble a joint. Saving you the time and hassle of having to fold the annoying cardboard paper.

So it is definitely a method you should experiment with!

What do You Need to Assemble a Joint Without Filter?

The first time you are going to roll a joint, it may seem like a difficult task, but let us tell you that it is not, it is a fairly simple process and it is even easier if you are going to assemble your joint without a filter.

But before we explain how to roll a joint without a filter, it’s important that you know everything you’re going to need to do it successfully:

  1. Favorite strain of cannabis.
  2. Rolling papers.
  3. Grinder.
  4. Pack tool.
  5. Lighter.

How to Roll a Joint Without Filter?

Filters besides costing some money, make us lose time when rolling our weed, but don’t worry, with the simple steps we will teach below, can you roll a joint without a filter in seconds!

Step 1: Grind your weed

If you have a weed grinder, you only have to put the strain of your choice in it and turn it until you are no longer able to feel any resistance. At that moment your weed will be ready for the next step.

Now, if you don’t have a grinder or your weed is very sticky, the best thing to do is to grind it directly by hand. The effectiveness is the same, only this process will take a little longer.

Step 2: Fill the rolling paper

Take one of the rolling papers and start filling it with your ground herb, trying to spread it evenly along the paper at all times.

It is very important that you make sure that the adhesive part of the paper is on the upper side so that you can close the joint without any problem.

In this step you can add a little creativity to the process, for example, there are those who like to give it a baseball bat look. For this, you just need to add less grass at one end and more at the other.

Step 3: Seal your joint

When you feel it is enough, tuck in the bottom of the rolling paper and proceed to roll it up. Remember to pause briefly to lick the sticky part of the paper to continue wrapping it carefully.

Once sealed, use the packing tool to compact the herbs at the bottom so that all of them burn evenly and you can get the most out of every gram.

Keep in mind that if it is too tight, it will be difficult to smoke and if it is too loose, it will burn unevenly.

Step 4: Light it up and enjoy

Now is when you are ready for the best part, the only thing you need to do before you start enjoying your joint is to twist the excess paper off the tip, making it look like a wick.

Once you’re at that point, pull out your lighter, light your joint, and start your journey!

PRO TIP: Using 1/2 gram of cannabis and single width rolling papers are the best way to start. This way you will be able to roll your joint more easily and then you will be able to practice with much bigger joints.

Is a Joint Better With or Without a Filter?

The truth is that smoking a joint without a filter can be a bit more harmful to your health. Remember that the function of the filter is not only to maintain the stability of your joint but also to prevent unwanted particles from passing into your mouth while preventing you from burning your fingers and lips when smoking.

Not to mention that it’s more hygienic since the filter is solid and won’t get covered with soggy saliva when you’re rotating the joint with your friends.

Also, the filter ends up improving the airflow through the joint, making it burn better and a little more evenly than without it.


You see, it was a lot easier than it looked. Now you’re an expert at rolling joints without filters, so the next time someone asks you how to roll a joint with no filter, take some time to explain and show him that you are an expert on weed!

Every time you feel like smoking a good joint but don’t have the heart or the time to do it with a filter, you’ll remember what you learned in this post and use it to successfully roll your unfiltered joint.

In the end, despite being a little more harmful to your health. Going unfiltered will make you enjoy your weed and its high in a more intense way!

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