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Cookie Policy

1 – About cookies

1.1 – A web server sends a file called a cookie to a web browser, which contains an identifier in the form of a string of letters and numbers. The browser stores the cookie, and subsequently sends the identifier back to the server whenever it requests a page from the server.

1.2 – Web browsers can store cookies in two ways: persistent cookies or session cookies. If a cookie is persistent, it will only become invalid when its set expiry date passes, unless the user manually removes it beforehand. On the other hand, session cookies will expire as soon as the user ends their browsing session by closing their web browser.

1.3 – While cookies typically don’t include any information that personally identifies a user, the personal data we keep on you could be connected with the information acquired from cookies.

2 – Cookies that we use

2.1 – Our utilization of cookies serves the following objectives:

a) Newsletter Status – we use cookies to help us identify if you have already subscribed to our newsletter and display a popup with that information;

b) Analysis – cookies assist us in evaluating the usage and performance of our website and services; and

c) Cookie Consent – cookies are employed to retain your preferences regarding the usage of cookies in general.

3 – Cookies used by our external partners

3.1 – Our website uses cookies, which may be saved on your computer by our service providers.

3.2 – We use Google Analytics to analyze the use of our website. Through the use of cookies, Google Analytics collects data on website usage which is then utilized to generate reports on the performance of the website. Additional information on Google’s privacy policy can be found at:

3.3 – We could feature YouTube videos on our website. Supplementary information about YouTube’s Privacy Policy can be located here:

4 – Cookie Management

4.1 – Browsers typically permit users to decline or remove cookies. However, the approaches to these actions differ among browsers and their versions. To obtain the most recent instructions on how to prevent or delete cookies, use the following links:

(a) (Chrome);

(b) (Firefox);

(c) (Internet Explorer);

(d) (Opera);

(e) (Safari); and

(f) (Edge).

4.2 – Preventing cookies from being stored will adversely affect the usability of several websites.

4.3 – Blocking cookies may limit your ability to utilize all the features provided on our website.