Smoke Decarbed Weed

Can You Smoke Decarbed Weed? Let’s Find Out

Our body is not able to process the cannabinoids that exist naturally in the cannabis plant, that’s why to enjoy the high of THC or the benefits of CBD it is necessary to heat your weed, which in a nutshell defines the process of decarboxylation.

You may have thought this process was only necessary for preparing marijuana edibles like D8 gummies or delicious chocolate brownies.

However, this is not true, when you smoke your weed the flame of your lighter creates a heat tunnel that decarbonizes the plant material before you inhale it, quickly mimicking the decarboxylation process.

What happens if you prepare some of these tasty marijuana-based meals and decarboxylate more than you need for your recipe? Can you smoke decarbed weed? Have you lost those valuable grams of cannabis or have you made your marijuana much more potent?

That’s exactly what we’ll answer below, but we’ll give you a heads-up that you haven’t lost anything. You can use these grams to make milk, body creams, and even master our weed infused tequila recipe!

Don’t waste any more time, let’s get down to work!

Can You Smoke Decarboxylated Weed?

Many people ask themselves this question after realizing that they have decarboxylated more weed than they needed for their edibles. If this is also the case for you, don’t worry, get out your rolling papers and get ready to smoke decarbed weed.

You can smoke decarbed weed and get as high as you want, because as long as the temperatures stay low enough and the THC does not vaporize, the taste of your joint will be slightly different but you will reach the same level of euphoria because you literally inhale the same amount of THC.

Many experienced smokers echo that decarbed your weed releases more THC and other cannabinoids for your body to absorb more efficiently, meaning you get the most out of your marijuana.

There is no evidence to support these claims, but if it is what most stoners say, it may be true!

Best Blends To Smoke Decarboxylated Marijuana

Smoking decarboxylated weed ensures that you are getting the most out of your cannabis, however, their taste can be a little unpleasant for the most discerning palates.

Therefore, we have prepared a list of 3 herbs that you can add to your marijuana joint to improve its flavor and enjoy the most of these interesting mixtures:

  1. Rose: You can add some dried organic rose to your decarboxylated cannabis joints, which provides a floral flavor full of calming and relaxing effects!

  2. Lavender: If you are one of those who have trouble falling asleep, it is always a very good option to mix your weed with a little lavender to help you relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep, while greatly improving the flavor of your decarboxylated weed.

  3. Damiana Leaf: This leaf is best known for its aphrodisiac properties, but it has a pleasant fresh chamomile flavor and a mild aroma that will certainly make your decarbed weed joint taste that much better!

Do You Get High From Smoking Decarbed Weed?

There is a mistaken belief that smoking decarbed weed will not get you high because you have altered its cannabinoid content, however as mentioned above, this is totally false!

Of course, you can get a super potent high after smoking some decarbed weed as long as you don’t vaporize the THC present in the weed (which starts to happen around 375 degrees).

So, if your weed didn’t reach those temperatures, you have nothing to worry about, you’ll get an excellent high with decarbed weed.

So you can start looking for your lighter and rolling papers now!

Is Decarboxylated Weed More Potent?

There is no scientific study that claims this to be true. Decarboxylated cannabis simply has the remaining THCA that was left in the dried cannabis pre-converted into THC, it contains no more.

The most common reason why some smokers think that smoking decarbed weed is more potent is because of the way they have been curing their weed.

If cannabis is left to cure under the right conditions, all the THCA present in it will be naturally converted to THC. Otherwise, a smaller amount will and you won’t get the most out of it!

Remember that for your weed to cure properly, you must keep it sealed, in a dark place with plenty of airflow, with a temperature range of 60 to 70°F (15 to 21°C) and a humidity between 45 and 55%.

Dried, Raw, Or Decarbed Weed: Which Is Better To Smoke?

You have dry, raw, decarbed marijuana in front of you, screaming for you to grind it into small pieces, roll it up in your rolling papers and set it on fire. But now the question is… which one is better to smoke?

Let’s start from the worst to the best!

Undoubtedly in the last position is the raw weed, not because it is the most difficult to ignite due to its moisture content, but also because it produces smoke that does not smell good at all.

Decarbed weed is undoubtedly a very good option, however, it will not take the first place. Although the conversion rate of THCA to THC is much higher than in dried cannabis, if it is decarboxylated incorrectly, you could end up with powdery cannabis!

The undisputed winner (for smoking) is a dry weed, which has the right moisture setting so that it lights up easily, and gives us a much smoother and more palatable flavor while burning slowly converting the THCA to THC in the process.

Effects Of Smoking Decarbed Weed

Smoking decarboxylated weed may have some different effects on your body than smoking raw cannabis, however, the effects are generally quite similar. The most common effects you face after smoking decarbed weed are paranoia and hallucinations.

Still, there are other effects that although uncommon are often more serious and dangerous:

  • Can cause respiratory problems such as coughing, bronchitis, and asthma.

  • Prolonged cough and mucus production in the lungs may occur.

  • Smoking decarb weed may cause lung cancer, however, this has not yet been 100% confirmed by specialists.


Raw, dried, or decarboxylated cannabis is always a good alternative to relax you, to take your mind off the daily problems of life. However, to get the most out of each of them, it is best to determine what you want it for.

If you are looking for a strong and pleasurable high, you should go all in with a good dry cannabis joint and avoid smoking decarbed weed. While it can get you as high as dry cannabis, its taste is not the best in the world!

Now, if you need to get the most out of the little cannabis you have on your nightstand and don’t mind smoking something with a slightly unpleasant taste, you can of course smoke decarbed weed and get the same high with less weed.

Here it is more about personal tastes!

The point is that yes, you can indeed smoke decarbed weed. However, the best way to use it would be in the making of marijuana edibles or even as condiments for your salads!

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