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Does Weed Have Calories?

    Calories in weed

    Anyone who has ever consumed weed in their life knows that joints make you hungry, so hungry that you could surely devour all the weed consumables in front of you.

    Multiple studies have repeatedly shown that smoking weed triggers the release of ghrelin in our brain, causing increased appetite. Maybe that’s why you want to know the calories in weed…

    So, if you are one of those who are concerned about your physique, you’ve probably already asked yourself questions like: Does weed have calories?

    How Many Calories There Are In Weed?

    Answering this question can be very complex and this is because weed has been illegal for quite some time, which means that there are not many studies on its caloric content.

    But we know enough to call it a superfood, as it is packed with essential nutrients and in just 100g there is more protein than some meats!

    Cannabis is a plant that undoubtedly contains more calories than most plants and this is due to its rather oily composition, however the amounts vary according to the presentation in which it is consumed.

    Calories In Raw Cannabis

    When we talk about raw cannabis, we refer to cannabis that has not gone through the chemical process of decarboxylation, which means that it is not psychoactive.

    In this presentation, cannabis not only contains cannabinoids and high levels of fiber, calcium, iron and other important nutrients, but also very low caloric levels.

    Calories From Smoking Weed

    If your real concern is how many calories you’ve put into your body this summer after a long weekend of smoking weed with your friends, I’ve got good news for you.

    Smoking weed is a process in which the digestive system is not involved at all and the weed smoke contains no calories, so your caloric intake remains the same.

    Why associate weed with calorie increases?

    The main reason we think of weed as a substance that will cause weight gain is due to the so-called “munchies” that come with it.

    Smoking weed can temporarily increase your appetite, so you are likely to choose a snack that is within easy reach, and if it is a get-together, it is likely to be a high-calorie snack.

    However, you can balance this effect by keeping healthy foods around, fruit instead of potato chips will certainly help to even out your daily calorie intake.

    Does weed have calories when you smoke it?

    Research published a few years ago in the American Journal has revealed the effects of smoking weed that may actually contribute to fat loss and your fitness goals.

    Cannabis has been shown to reduce inflammation, pain, improve sleep and reduce stress. This proves to be a key factor in gaining muscle and improving your overall fitness.

    Most people may have enough willpower to do long training sessions and work hard to maintain their caloric expenditure.

    However, sore joints, slow recovery and chronic pain can limit the body’s ability to stay up, which is where the relaxing effects of marijuana can do their job.

    What strain helps to lose calories?

    It is difficult to determine which strains are best suited to help you better control your calorie levels without having to give up the pleasure of smoking good weed.

    Remember that clinical research on the use of cannabis seeds is still at a very early stage, however, it has already been shown that those seeds containing THCV could help significantly.

    So if you’re wondering, what is the seed with lowest calories in weed? Pay attention to the following list:

    • Jack the Ripper: You may know it under the name of JTR, it is usually a highly energizing cannabis strain with 17% of TCHV in its composition.
    • Platinum Kush: This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Afghani, known to help control anxiety and depression.
    • Northern Lights: It is widely used as a recreational method, it helps to combat insomnia, depression and as if that were not enough, it has 16% of TCHV.
    • Ghost Train Haze: This sativa strain is famous for being super potent and psychoactive, being considered as one of the best cannabis strains for medicinal use.

    Calories in weed edibles

    It is very important to note that most weed edibles packaging does not carry nutritional labels and this is largely because in most states this is not a legal requirement.

    It is the same case that happens with craft beers for example, if they announced how many calories they put into our organism it is very likely that we would stop consuming them in large quantities.

    At weedstripes we have taken the liberty of gathering some products made with weed, all manufactured by different companies, to analyze their nutritional content.

    These products are just a small sample of what’s on the market, they should definitely be enough to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from these weed edibles

    Cannabis Cookies4232.1 oz0.5 oz0.2 oz
    Marijuana Candy Bar760.3 oz0.2 oz0 oz
    Weed Infused Gummy450.3 oz0 oz0 oz
    Pinapple Express Weed Drink1301.2 oz0 oz0 oz
    Weedstripes research and data from Myfitnesspal

    The truth is that with all this information you can already have a clear concept about the caloric aspects of marijuana and some of its derivatives.


    Although much more research and studies are still needed to know exactly how many calories each part of cannabis has, we are absolutely certain that smoking weed can help you burn calories.

    So stop worrying! Enjoy the weekend with your friends and some good joints of the best strain you can get.

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