Bringing a weed pen to Ireland

Bringing a Weed Pen to Ireland: Things You Must Know!

Ireland is a land of stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture that beckons travelers from across the globe. If you are planning to bring a weed pen to Ireland, there are some things you need to know before starting to enjoy the wonders that Dublin has to offer.

Before you begin packing all your belongings, continue reading because we will delve into the legal status of cannabis in Ireland, the risks of bringing a weed pen to Dublin, and some tips to stay safe during your travel.

Can You Bring a Weed Pen To Ireland?

No, you cannot bring a weed pen or any cannabis product to Ireland. Cannabis, including cannabis-based products, is illegal in Ireland for recreational use, and possessing such products can result in serious legal issues.

However, according to CitizensInformation, medical cannabis use is permitted only with case-by-case approval into the medical cannabis program by the Minister of Health. To obtain medical cannabis permission in Ireland, you can follow these steps:

  1. Consult With a Doctor: Start by consulting with a doctor registered with the Medical Council of Ireland. The doctor will assess your medical condition and determine if medical cannabis is a suitable treatment option for you.

  2. Apply for the MCAP: If your doctor believes that medical cannabis is a suitable treatment, they can apply for the Medical Cannabis Access Programme on your behalf. The MCAP is a government-run program that allows patients to access medical cannabis products that meet specific regulations.

  3. Obtain a Prescription: If your application for the MCAP is approved, your doctor will be able to prescribe medical cannabis for you. Please note that in Ireland, only medical cannabis products meeting specific regulations can be prescribed.
  4. Apply for a License: To apply for a license, you’ll need a separate annual license to possess, supply, or offer to supply controlled drugs described in Schedule 2 of the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2017. Your doctor can provide you with more information on how to obtain this license.

  5. Import Medical Cannabis: Currently, medical cannabis products are not available in Ireland. To obtain them, you’ll need to import with permission from MCAP while complying with specific regulations.

How To Sneak a Weed Pen to Ireland

Let us emphasize our stance… we do not support or endorse any unlawful activities, but we understand that some individuals may wish to discreetly enjoy their cannabis pen in Ireland. If you choose to take this route, here are some subtle suggestions:

  • Safely store the weed pen in a makeup bag.
  • Utilize an empty sunglasses case to hide the weed pen.
  • Disguise the weed pen by tucking it inside a sanitary pad.
  • Separate the battery from the pen and store them in different places.
  • Conceal the cannabis pen discreetly by placing it inside a fake lint roller.

Be aware of the risks that doing so may pose to your trip, your finances, and the rest of your life. Please, be aware of the legal problems you may face!

Penalties for Getting Caught With Weed in Ireland

The penalties for being caught with a weed pen or any other cannabis product will vary depending on several factors, such as the quantity of the drug and whether it’s a first offense. Here are the penalties:

  • Possession for Personal Use: The court can determine that the drug was for personal use and not for sale or distribution. In this case, you can face a class D fine upon summary conviction in a District Court or a fine of $2,637 upon conviction on indictment. Additionally, there is a possibility of a prison sentence of up to 12 months upon conviction on indictment.

  • Possession for Sale or Supply: If you are caught with an amount equivalent to $13,715 or more, you may face a prison sentence of between 10 and 14 years, along with a fine exceeding $2,637.

  • Growing Cannabis Plants: If you are caught growing cannabis, you could be liable for a class C fine or a prison sentence of up to 12 months. Upon conviction on indictment, the court can determine an appropriate fine and impose a prison sentence of up to 14 years.

Please keep in mind that the severity of the penalty can be influenced by specific circumstances surrounding the offense.

What to Do if You Get Caught?

When traveling to or within Ireland and carrying a weed pen, it’s crucial to remain composed and cooperate with any searches conducted by authorities. If you are caught or questioned, promptly dispose of the items. Refrain from attempting to conceal the weed pen, as such actions may result in more severe consequences later.

Sincerely apologize and assert that the items were unintentionally or accidentally brought along. By demonstrating respectful compliance with the authorities, you should generally be allowed to continue your journey with only a warning or a minor fine.


Bringing a weed pen to Ireland is fraught with legal risks and uncertainties due to the country’s strict stance on cannabis. Undoubtedly, the best course of action for recreational users is to leave the weed pen at home and enjoy all that Ireland has to offer, free from any legal concerns.

Ireland’s unique culture and breathtaking landscapes have much to offer travelers, and it’s best to savor these experiences without the shadow of legal consequences!

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