Bringing a weed pen to Japan

Bringing a Weed Pen to Japan: Unveiling the Risks!

Imagine embarking on a journey to a country known for its strict drug laws, armed with a discreet and seemingly innocent device that could potentially land you in serious trouble. This is the reality for those who consider bringing a weed pen to Japan, a country with some of the harshest marijuana regulations in the world.

While the allure of exploring a new culture while enjoying the benefits of cannabis may be tempting, the risks involved in this endeavor are not to be taken lightly. Throughout this article, we are going to explain the dangers and potential consequences of bringing a weed pen to Japan, shedding light on the experiences of those who have attempted this risky feat.

Can You Bring a Weed Pen to Japan?

No, you cannot bring a weed pen to Japan. According to the Japanese Customs official website, importing or exporting cannabis and cannabis-related products (including weed pens) is prohibited in Japan, except in specific cases where cannabis researchers obtain permission from the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare (MHLW) and follow the necessary procedures

Japan, like the 1990s United States, is seeing activists push for societal change while its medical cannabis industry is still emerging. While there’s optimism for medical cannabis acceptance, lawmakers are likely to tighten regulations and close legal loopholes for recreational use.

What About Bringing Cartridges to Japan?

No, you cannot bring THC cartridges to Japan. As mentioned above, the import of cannabis or cannabis derivatives, including weed cartridges, is forbidden for any reason, including medical use.

Only individuals or companies with a license to cultivate or research cannabis plants are allowed to possess any kind of cannabis. Possession of cannabis in any form by others is severely punished, regardless of the amount.

How to Sneak Weed Pen Into Japan

While many individuals on social networks claim to have experienced the wonders of Tokyo and other parts of Japan while being high on their weed pens, we strongly advise against trying it under any circumstances.

It is highly dangerous and can have severe consequences for your life. However, if you still wish to proceed despite the warnings, here are the techniques used by those who claim to have succeeded:

  • Put your weed pen in your travel bag.
  • Hide your weed pen with regular pens.
  • Use a vape that looks like a regular nicotine vape.
  • Take the battery off the pen and put them in different pockets.
  • Camouflage your weed pen with makeup accessories, either yours or your partner’s.

As always, it costs nothing to warn you that this is quite dangerous and also does not assure you of reaching Japan without any problems. These are not proven methods by us; we are speaking from the experiences of other smokers in the community.

Punishments for Weed Possession in Japan

In Japan, the punishment for the possession of cannabis, including weed pens and medical cannabis, is outlined in Article 24-2 of the relevant legislation, which states that if you are found with cannabis, you may face:

  1. Confiscation: The law stipulates that any cannabis, including weed pens, which are owned or possessed by the offender and associated with the offenses outlined in the law, will be confiscated by authorities.

  2. Possession Without Due Cause: A person who possesses cannabis without due cause can be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than five years.

  3. Possession for Profit: If a person possesses cannabis with the intent to make a profit, they may be subject to imprisonment with labor for up to seven years, or, depending on the circumstances, imprisonment with labor for up to seven years and a fine of up to 2 million yen (approximately $13,500 USD).

Given the strict legal penalties and the country’s zero-tolerance approach to cannabis, it is essential to avoid any involvement with cannabis, including weed pens, while you are in Japan. Their legal system is known for its severe penalties, and even a minor offense can lead to severe consequences that could jeopardize your entire visit.

What to Do if You Get Caught with a Weed Pen in Japan?

In all honesty, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re caught with a weed pen or any other cannabis product in Japan, you’re most likely screwed. The laws in this country are quite strict, and the security agents don’t let this type of crime go unnoticed.

Here are some steps to take if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Stay Calm and Cooperate: Resisting or attempting to flee can worsen your situation. It’s essential to remain calm and comply with the instructions provided by law enforcement.

  • Seek Legal Assistance: Contact a lawyer as soon as possible to understand your rights and navigate the complex Japanese legal process. Having professional guidance can be crucial in protecting your interests.

  • Cooperate With Your Embassy: If you’re a foreigner, reach out to your embassy or consulate for assistance. They can provide you with information, and support, and help you communicate with local authorities.

  • Prepare for Potential Deportation: Foreigners caught with any amount of weed in Japan can face deportation with no chance of return. Be prepared for the possibility of deportation and make the necessary arrangements for your departure from the country.


Taking a weed pen to Japan is a very risky move. Japan has strict rules against cannabis-related items, and breaking these rules can lead to serious trouble. When it comes to weed, not knowing the rules is not an excuse, and the consequences can be life-changing.

The wisest decision for anyone contemplating bringing a weed pen to Japan is to leave it behind. Japan offers an abundance of culture, stunning landscapes, and friendly people. These experiences are far more enjoyable and hassle-free than anything a weed pen could ever provide.

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